Super Degreaser 200ml

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    Reken af met olie, vet en ander vuil op de ketting met de Airolube Super Degreaser.

    Application: Cleaning
    Content: 200ml

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    Airolube is powered by Air. A special air pressure chamber in the packaging ensures that the Airolube Super Degreaser can be easily applied to the chain or any other part to be degreased at the push of a button. How the bottle is held makes no difference. In contrast to traditional spray cans, an Airolube can be moved and used in 360 degrees. But apart from an ease of use, the Airolube Air Pressure packaging has even more advantages. 

    Traditional aerosols mix the product with propellant. This pressure ensures that the formula comes out of the aerosol at the push of a button. However, there is always product left behind in the packaging, in which case the pressure is no longer high enough to push this last product out of the bottle. What remains: 20% paid product that is unusable and therefore ends up in the waste. Because Airolube aerosols have their own pressure chamber, 99.9% of the product in the packaging can actually be used. 

    More and more research shows that propellants lead to health risks and environmental damage. The spray mix of a product mixed with propellants such as propane or butane are dangerous to inhale. It also turns out that the emissions from one traditional spray compared to an Airolube Spray can are comparable to driving 16km in a fuel car. Choosing Airolube therefore directly contributes to a cleaner climate.​