Chain Oil 5 l

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    Airolube Chainoil is a natural all-round lubricant that ensures that the bicycle chain continues to run smoothly all year round. This chain oil is suitable for all weather types.

    The Airolube Chainoil has been developed on the basis of Dutch grown rapeseed oil. This replacement for traditional oil is ultra durable, biodegradable and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Due to the high VI index of the Airolube Chainoil, this oil is less sensitive to temperature fluctuations than traditional mineral oils. As a result of which the Airolube Chainoil has a stable lubricating effect at both higher and lower temperatures. The chain oil lubricates the links of the chain and ensures a lower friction between the various links and parts. This allows you to switch more smoothly and save on wattages. The unique formula of Airolube easily penetrates between the links and from here protects the chain against rusting, squeaking and cracking.

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