At Airolube, we're on a mission. We want to develop the safest, cleanest and best products for cleaning, lubricating, maintaining and protecting everything. In this way, we ensure that life on our planet becomes safer, fairer, healthier and better for everyone. So that we, our little ones and all our future generations can continue to enjoy this world. Discover the power of natural and sustainable!


From plant to product


From the field

Raw materials from the fields in the immediate vicinity such as rapeseed, sugar and pulp are applied within the Airolube products.

Research & Production

 In our own research & development laboratory, recipes are examined, developed and tested and then filled for our customers.

Directly available!

A large automated warehouse and order picking. From here, distribution takes place to our carefully selected dealers.



Airogroup works passionately on a daily basis on the development and production of natural formulas for everyday consumer and business applications. In this, the future-proof solutions offer a unique, natural and sustainable proposition for every company and household.

In addition, the Airogroup has a high-tech laboratory to continuously develop new products, develop products and test them extensively so that customers can rely on the quality and durability of all products that Airogroup produces and develops.

Sustainable, quality, innovative, passion and purposeful are the core values and forces with which Airogroup, together with its partners, wants to work and build on the development of a clean, sustainable and safe circular bioeconomy.