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Chain Wax 500 ml

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    Airolube Chainwax is a plant-based chain wax developed to optimally protect the bicycle chain.

    The Airolube Chainwax is easy to use and maintain. The wax penetrates deeply between the links and provides a water and dirt-repellent protective layer. As a result, the chain attracts less dirt and extends the life of the chain. The Airolube Chainwax also keeps an excellent effect in wet and cold conditions. After a long or wet bike ride, wipe the chain with a dry cloth. Apply a new layer of chain wax to each link. Let the Chainwax retract for 15 minutes, the bicycle chain is completely ready for its next ride.

    Like all other Airolube products, the Airolube Chainwax is biodegradable. The packaging is completely recyclable. This makes the Airolube Chainwax sustainable for the bicycle chain and the environment.

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    Degrease the chain before using the Chainwax. To do this, use a degreaser such as the Airolube Super Degreaser. Then apply the Chainwax to a dry chain, a drop on each link is sufficient. Let the wax soak in for 15 minutes, then remove the excess Chainwax with a dry cloth. After a long or wet bike ride, remove the chain with a dry cloth. Applying a new layer of chain wax to each link, the bicycle chain is ready for its next ride.